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Print, copy, scan

In general, printing costs $0.10/page; copying costs $0.13/page; scanning is free. Staff can add cash to their ID cards. Students can use the StanfordCardPlan (activation may take 2-8 hours). Printing and copying credit can be purchased by those without a card

» Find printers, copiers, and scanners.

Paying for prints & copies

Methods of payment

  • Stanford students: use your Stanford ID card to pay for printing and copying.
  • Faculty and staff: transfer cash to your Stanford ID card at a cash-to-card machine.
  • No Stanford ID: purchase a print & copy card, then transfer cash to it at a cash-to-card machine.

NOTE: Beginning August 17, 2015, cash will no longer be accepted for printing and copying, and cash-to-card machines will be disabled.  Credit card payment options will be announced at that time. 

How to purchase a print & copy card

  1. Find a cash-to-card machine.
  2. Purchase a rechargeable card for $1 (you'll need a $1 bill for this).
  3. Insert cash into the machine to add a balance to the card.

Cash-to-card machines do not give change. The entire amount of cash you insert will be added as balance to your card.



No refunds for any balance on your card. A balance on your Stanford card can be used to purchase other items from the Card Plan at Tresidder Memorial Union, various residence dining halls, and vending machines.