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Print, copy, scan

Stanford is implementing a new printing and copying payment system during Fall Qarter of 2015. There is no charge for printing and copying during the transition to the new system. Procedures will be revised, and the page below will be updated, as that new system is implemented.

Guidelines for charging prepaid photocopies to sponsored projects

  • Photocopies may only be charged to a sponsored project when authorized by sponsor terms and conditions and University policy. In particular PIs/departmental administrators should be familiar with the Research Policy Hand-book (RPH 3.6) "Charging for Administrative and Technical Expenses". Often the photocopying performed in the library is technical in nature, directly supporting the aim of the sponsored project. However, photocopying is often considered an administrative charge, especially if administrative items (correspondence, expenditure reports, etc.) are being copied. The PIs/departmental administrators are responsible for verifying photocopies may be charged to a sponsored project.
  • The department should provide a journal description stating that photocopy charges are allowable on sponsored project accounts charged. This should include a brief description of the nature of the copying and how it will benefit the project.
  • If there are any questions about charging photocopies to a sponsored project, contact your Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) representative. The department should request a separate copy card for each sponsored project to be charged photocopies. The card should be clearly labeled or marked with the name of the project to ensure they will be used only for that project.
  • The PIs/department administrators are responsible for labeling and controlling these cards and ensuring only authorized users and allowable charges are incurred on sponsored projects.
  • If the charges are questioned, the department must be able to demonstrate adequate control over the use of the photocopy cards to ensure charges to sponsored projects are allowable, allocable and reasonable.
  • Photocopies should be charged to Expenditure Type 54520 "Photocopy — Excluding Stanford Publication Service" on sponsored project accounts. Journals do not have to be routed to OSR (Office of Sponsored Research) team members for approval.
  • The department should request unused money remaining on a copy card charged to a sponsored project be refunded or transferred to another copy card account. Unused funds should always be promptly refunded or transferred after the award has expired.