xSearch Workshop slides

Please note that many databases licensed by the libraries are not part of xSearch. Please see Databases for a comprehensive list. You may also find it helpful to use Topic Guides which contain print and digital resources. For reference help, please consult a Subject Librarian.

xSearch Workshop slides (October 2018)

Modifying an alert

  • Go to xSearch. 
  • Sign in on right side with SUNet ID (your name should be displayed where signin is afterwards.  
  • Click on Alerts and choose alert from left navigation area that you want to modify.
  • Modify search terms, if desired.
  • To change categories and resources within them that are searched in the alert, click on plus sign by category names.  You can open all by clicking the first plus sign.
  • Next, go to each category and subcategory of interest.  
  • Click on subcategory name to display resources included in it.  
  • You can remove resources or add resources by clicking box to the left of the resource name.   
  • It is possible to select all items at one time by checking the box next to the subcategory name.  If you hover your mouse over the name of a particular resource, a brief description about that database is displayed.
  • Note to keep subjects more focused, some of the broader resources have been put in the Multidisciplinary category.   For example, ebooks, ejournals, patents, methods and protocols, etc.