New print books: February 17-23, 2019

Owls of the world

Brief answers to the big questions

The secret network of nature

Family of hummingbirds

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GN281.4 .C745 2018

Cregan-Reid, Vybarr. 2018. Primate change: how the world we made is remaking us. New York, NY: Distributed in the US by Hachette Book Group.

Q173 .H388 2018

Hawking, Stephen, Eddie Redmayne, Kip S. Thorne, and Lucy Hawking. 2018. Brief answers to the big questions. New York: Bantam Books, an imprint of Random House.

QA174.2 .T66 2018

Broaddus, N., Michael Davis, Jean-François Lafont, and Ivonne Johanna Ortiz. 2018. Topological methods in group theory. London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series; 451. Cambridge, United Kingdom; New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. Also Digital.

QA377 .S54 2018

Shen, Zhongwei. 2018. Periodic homogenization of elliptic systems. Operator theory: advances and applications; 269. Cham, Switzerland: Birkhäuser. Also Digital.

QH104.5 .S59 S68 2018 F

Hill, JoVonn Grady, and John A. Barone. 2018. Southeastern grasslands: biodiversity, ecology, and management. Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press.

QH438.7 .P56 2018

Plomin, Robert. 2018. Blueprint: how DNA makes us who we are. [London]: Allen Lane, an imprint of Penguin Books.

QH549.5 .W64 2018

Wohlleben, Peter, and Jane Billinghurst. 2018. The secret network of nature: the delicate balance of all living things. London: The Bodley Head, an imprint of Vintage.

QK486 .C8 H643 1997 V.4

Holdridge, L. R., Luis J. Poveda Alvarez, and Quírico Jiménez Madrigal. 1997. Árboles de Costa Rica. San José, Costa Rica: Centro Científico Tropical.

QK658 .H3 2018

Halbritter, Heidemarie, Silvia Ulrich, Friðgeir Grímsson, Martina Weber, Reinhard Zetter, M. Hesse, Ralf Buchner, Matthias Svojtka, and Andrea Frosch-Radivo. 2018. Illustrated pollen terminology, 2nd ed. Cham, Switzerland: Springer Open.

QL689 .S75 S62 2018

Spaans, A. L., Otte Ottema, Jan Hein J. M. Ribot, Carl Beel, Peter Boesman, Pieter A. Teunissen, and Ber van Perlo. 2018. Field guide to the birds of Suriname, revised and updated 2nd ed. Fauna of Suriname; 3. Leiden; Boston: Brill.

QL696 .A558 O67 2018 F

Gould, John, Joel Oppenheimer, Laura Oppenheimer, and Robert McCracken Peck. 2018. The family of hummingbirds: the complete prints of John Gould. New York: Rizzoli Electa.

QL696 .S8 D858 2018

Duncan, James R. 2018. Owls of the world. Baltimore, Maryland: Johns Hopkins University Press.

QL737 .U4 W58 2018 F

Kauffman, Matthew J., Annie Proulx, James E. Meacham, Hall Sawyer, Alethea Y. Steingisser, William Rudd, and Emilene Ostlind. 2018. Wild migrations: atlas of Wyoming's ungulates. Corvallis: Oregon State University Press.

RB131 .I54 2018

Cordero, Mario D., and Elísabet Alcocer-Gómez. 2018. Inflammasomes: clinical and therapeutic implications. Experientia. Supplementum. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

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