New print books: November 11-17, 2018

Elements of ethics

A student's guide to bayesian statistics

What is life


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Q175.35 .G75 2017

Greer, Sandra C. 2017. Elements of ethics for physical scientists. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press.

QA279.5 .L36 2018

Lambert, Ben. 2018. A student's guide to Bayesian statistics. London: SAGE Publications Ltd.

QA353 .A9 G37 2018 V.2

Garrett, Paul B. 2018. Modern analysis of automorphic forms by example. Cambridge studies in advances mathematics; 174. Garrett, Paul B. 2018. Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press.

QH501 .P48 2018


Phelan, Jay. 2018. What is life?: a guide to biology with physiology, 4th ed. New York: W.H. Freeman, Macmillan Learning.

QK218 .P37 2016

Parker, Tracey. 2016. Árboles comunes de Guatemala = Common trees of Guatemala. Austin, Texas: The Tree Press.

QK220 .P37 2014

Parker, Tracey. 2014. Árboles comunes de Nicaragua = Common trees of Nicaragua. Austin, Texas: The Tree Press.

QK377.3 .C49 2017

Christofides, Yiannis. 2017. Illustrated flora of Cyprus. Cyprus: Yiannis Christofides.

QK898 .B54 B56 2018

Pavlov, Atanas, and Th Bley. 2018. Bioprocessing of plant in vitro systems. Reference series in phytochemistry. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

QL536 .S26 2015

Sandhu, Pardeep Kaur. 2015. Anopheles: the dominant vectors of human malaria in India. Chandigarh, India: Unistar.

QL656.5 .S18 H46 2018

Henderson, Robert W., and Robert Powell. 2018. Amphibians and reptiles of the St. Vincent and Grenada Banks, West Indies. Frankfurter contributions to natural history; 67. Frankfurt am Main: Edition Chimaira.

QL688 .C9 G37 2017

Garrido, Orlando H., Vicente Berovides Alvarez, Santos Cubillas Hernández, Aslam Ibrahim Castellón Maure, and Alberto R. Estrada. 2017. Ecoetología de las aves terrestres cubanas. [United States?]: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

QP624 .T74 V.33

Yang, Weidong. 2018. Nuclear-cytoplasmic transport. Nucleic acids and molecular biology; 33. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

QP624 .T74 V.34

Cruz Reyes, Jorge, and Michael W. Gray. 2018. RNA metabolism in mitochondria. Nucleic acids and molecular biology; 33. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

TP248.27 .M53 C65 2017

Lee, Sang Yup. 2017. Consequences of microbial interactions with hydrocarbons, oils, and lipids: production of fuels and chemicals. Handbook of hydrocarbon and lipid microbiology. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

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