New print books: June 17-23, 2019

Introduction to data analysis

Leading your research team in science

Statistical inference as severe testing

The nature of plants

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GE300 .R47 2019

Halvorsen, Kathleen E., Chelsea Schelly, Robert M. Handler, Erin C. Pischke, and Jessie L. Knowlton. 2019. A research agenda for environmental management. Elgar research agendas. Cheltenham, UK; Northampton, Massachusetts: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Q175 .J34345 2019

Jansen, Ritsert C. 2019. Leading your research team in science. Cambridge, United Kingdom; New York, NY, USA: Cambridge University Press.

QA1 .A3 V.79

Ogawa, Tsukane, Mitsuo Morimoto, and Katahiro Takebe. 2018. Mathematics of Takebe Katahiro and history of mathematics in East Asia. Advanced studies in pure mathematics; 79. Tokyo: Mathematical Society of Japan.

QA3 .A4 V.237

Morgan, John, Dusa McDuff, Mohammad Tehrani, Kenji Fukaya, and Dominic D. Joyce. 2019. Virtual fundamental cycles in symplectic topology. Mathematical surveys and monographs; 237. Providence, Rhode Island: American Mathematical Society; [Stony Brook, New York]: Simons Center for Geometry and Physics.

QA11.2 .R39 2019

Rayo, Agustín, and Damien Rochford. 2019. On the brink of paradox: highlights from the intersection of philosophy and mathematics. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press.

QA14 .E9 M63 2018

Pohjolainen, Seppo, Tuomas Myllykoski, Christian Mercat, and Sertgey Sosnovsky. 2018. Modern mathematics education for engineering curricula in Europe: a comparative analysis of EU, Russia, Georgia and Armenia. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

QA276 .M3755 2018

Mayo, Deborah G. 2018. Statistical inference as severe testing: how to get beyond the statistics wars. Cambridge, United Kingdom; New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

QA276.4 .B47 2018

Bergin, Tiffany. 2018. An introduction to data analysis: quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods. London: SAGE Publications.

QA322.4 .S65 2018

Sołtan, Piotr M. 2018. A primer on Hilbert space operators. Compact textbooks in mathematics. Cham, Switzerland: Birkhäuser. Also Digital.

QA377 .K357 2018

Kalnins, E. G., Jonathan M. Kress, and Willard Miller. 2018. Separation of variables and superintegrability: the symmetry of solvable systems. IOP expanding physics. Bristol, UK: IOP Publishing.

QA403 .W34 2018

Wallach, Nolan R. 2018. Harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces, 2nd ed. Mineola, New York: Dover Publications, Inc.

QC20.7 .F67 O84 2019

Osgood, Brad. 2019. Lectures on the Fourier transform and its applications. Pure and applied undergraduate texts; 33. Providence, Rhode Island: American Mathematical Society.

QC20.7 .S64 C656 2018

Colombo, Fabrizio, Jonathan Gantner, and David P. Kimsey. 2018. Spectral theory on the S-spectrum for quaternionic operators. Operator theory: advances and applications; 270. Cham, Switzerland: Birkhäuser, Springer. Also Digital.

QD411.8 .T73 C73 2014

Crabtree, Robert H. 2014. The organometallic chemistry of the transition metals, 6th ed. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley. Also Digital.

QH450 .R635 2019

Cech, Thomas, Joan A. Steitz, and John F. Atkins. 2019. RNA worlds: new tools for deep exploration, new ed. Cold Spring Harbor, New York: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.

QK45.2 .H84 2019

Huegel, Craig Norman. 2019. The nature of plants: an introduction to how plants work. Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida.

QK711.2 .K88 2019

Kutschera, Ulrich. 2019. Physiologie der Pflanzen: sensible Gewächse in Aktion ; mit 312 Abbildungen und 4 Aquarellen von Alfred Kutschera. Science and religion; 14. Berlin: LIT.

QL83.4 .R49 2019

Pettorelli, Nathalie, Sarah M. Durant, and Johan T. Du Toit. 2019. Rewilding. Ecological reviews. Cambridge, United Kingdom; New York: Cambridge University Press.

QL548 .M94 2019

Myers, David Lee. 2019. Wings in the light: wild butterflies in North America. New Haven: Yale University Press.

QP376 .D38 2019

David, Alfred. 2019. The secret life of the brain: unlocking the mysteries of the mind. Buffalo, New York: Firefly Books (U.S.) Inc.

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