Connecting to e-resources

Connect from off campus FAQ

Off-campus access privileges

Who is eligible for off-campus access?

Our electronic resource license agreements restrict access to current Stanford faculty, staff, students, and approved affiliates only.

I have a SUNet ID, why don't I have access?

Not all SUNet IDs have privileges to use licensed electronic resources. If you have recently graduated or your status in the university has changed, you may no longer have access to library e-resources. If you have a sponsored SUNet ID, contact your department administrators if you cannot access library e-resources.

I am an alumni, what resources am I eligible for through the Stanford Alumni Association?

The Stanford Alumni association offers members off-campus access to a few databases. Please contact the Stanford Alumni Association if you have questions about these or other membership benefits.

Troubleshooting off-campus access problems

When do I need to use URLs that have a special EZproxy prefix?

You must use a URL with a special EZproxy prefix ( when you are:

  • on campus, but using Stanford Visitor wi-fi or eduroam wi-fi
  • off-campus using your home internet connection
  • off-campus using a VPN client
  • using a cellular connection

Lane Medical Library has additional configuration requirements for their resources.

I am unable to access an e-resource via EZproxy, what can I do?

  • Check the SearchWorks record to verify that we have a current subscription.
  • Check the system status page for known outages.
  • Try the steps below to troubleshoot:
    • Log into Stanford VPN using full traffic (non-split-tunnel).
    • Open an incognito or private browser window.
    • Try to connect again using the EZproxy link.
  • Report a connection problem