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Dissertation and thesis submission (PhD, JSD, DMA, engineering master's)

Learn more about dissertation and thesis submission

Graduated and enrolled Stanford students may submit their dissertations and theses through Axess. The electronic submission process is free of charge. The service provides the ability to check your pre-submission requirements, and, when ready, you can upload a digital copy of your dissertation or thesis.  

Learn how to use the Dissertation and Thesis Center

Who is eligible?

The online Dissertation and Thesis Center in Axess is currently available to Stanford PhD, JSD, DMA, and engineering-degree students only.

What to expect


For more detailed information about submitting your dissertation or thesis online, refer to this set of dissertations and theses web pages provided by the Student Services Center.

Capstone and thesis submission (undergraduate honors, master's)

Check out the capstone and thesis submission (undergraduate honors, master's) page for information about submitting these types of theses.

Questions about the dissertation and thesis submission service? 

If you have questions about submitting your dissertation or thesis, please contact the Student Services Center.

Last updated July 6, 2023