Off-campus access

Stanford Libraries offers e-books, article databases, streaming media services, and musical score collections that you can access as a Stanford student, faculty member, or staff member. However, when publishers or content providers don’t recognize your Stanford affiliation, you might encounter a paywall. This situation can occur for a couple of reasons – you’re off campus, or on campus but not connected to the Stanford Wi-Fi network. When you install the browser extension Lean Library, electronic resources within Stanford Libraries' subscription portfolio will be detected automatically, even when you’re not on Stanford’s Wi-Fi network.

Lean Library 

Simply download and install Lean Library to access content anytime and anywhere.

Download the Lean Library extension

Lean Library is only active when you visit a website that has content licensed by Stanford Libraries. It’s compatible with all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera, and it is pre-configured to provide automatic access when an article is licensed by Stanford Libraries.  


You also have the option to customize Lean Library or deactivate it and use it only when needed. Whenever you come across an article you are interested in, click the Lean Library extension pinned to your browser toolbar to determine whether it is licensed content. 


For questions about your privacy, or data collection/retention, please reference Lean Library’s privacy policy.  

Experiencing difficulties or questions?

Last updated May 22, 2024