DOIs (Digital Object Identifier)

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) makes your work easier to find by users across the web. Remember to include the DOI whenever you mention your work—in a paper, at a conference, on a poster, or in a tweet.

Pointing your DOI to a stable web page is key. Depositing your scholarly work in the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) guarantees you a persistent URL (PURL) that will never change and a DOI that always works.

Interested in getting a DOI for your work? 

We can help you get a DOI in two ways:

Who is eligible 

Current faculty, students, and staff of Stanford University.

What to expect

  • For scholarly works appropriate for the SDR: Make a deposit and select the option to get a DOI. You can have your DOI in under fifteen minutes!
  • For other Stanford-hosted resources: Request a DOI from us.
    • You will need to provide a web page describing just this resource and providing access to it (e.g. file download).
    • You should have a plan to ensure that this web link will remain stable for a very long time.
    • You will need to provide us with specific metadata about the resource.
    • We will create the DOI (allow one week minimum for these requests to be filled).
  • For large batches of content:  Let's chat about the available options and best approach. 

Subscription service

Sign up to become a client of our DOI service to register your own DOIs. Subscription benefits include:

  • Access to the DataCite DOI application programming interface (API) for system integration plus technical support and extensive documentation
  • Up to 1,999 DOIs per year (subject to change annually)
  • Secure access to DataCite’s administrative platform for managing users, registering a DOI on demand, and viewing reports and statistics
  • Listing in the DataCite public directory of repositories

Common questions 

  • Ready to deposit into the SDR and get a DOI? Use our quick form to request access to the web app.
  • Need a DOI urgently to meet a funder or publisher requirement? Self-deposit in the SDR allows you to reserve a DOI upfront and then finish depositing your work later. 
  • Want a DOI for a previous SDR deposit? Edit your work and select the option to get a DOI, then redeposit. Done!
  • Interested in using the API with your own system to create DOIs? Ask us about becoming a client of our DOI service for a small annual subscription fee so you can generate your own DataCite DOIs.

Other questions? 

Reach out to to the DOI team via email with any questions you might have about getting and using a DOI.