SDR deposits are now sent to ORCID records


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Including your ORCID iD when you publish in the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) helps make sure that you're getting credit for the work that you do, but now there's a new reason to include your ORCID iD with every deposit.

ORCID is a persistent, digital identifier that you own and control, and that distinguishes you from every other researcher. By using your ORCID iD everywhere you can, you help get yourself credit for the papers you publish, the articles you review, the service you perform, and the grants you receive.

Now when you deposit to the SDR and include your ORCID iD, we'll automatically update your ORCID record with the work you're publishing with us, as long as you've given us permission to do so. We'll also update the ORCID records of all the other authors and contributors on your work for which ORCIDs are included and who have given us the same permission.

Read more about how to make sure your works appear on your ORCID record.