Open-access publishing

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Open access enables the free and immediate sharing of peer-reviewed scholarly publications. Removing barriers to Stanford’s research outputs aligns with the university’s vision of catalyzing discovery by facilitating the rapid exchange of ideas needed to address local, national, and global challenges. 

Stanford Libraries supports Stanford faculty, students, and staff in making their work open.

Explore open-access publishing options 

Who is eligible

Stanford University faculty, staff, and students.

What to expect 

  • There are multiple pathways to open-access publishing: share preprints, deposit accepted article manuscripts in the Stanford Digital Repository, or choose an open-access journal or book publisher.
  • Stanford’s commitment to openness in research is reflected in its open access policy, which allows faculty to make scholarly articles freely available in the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR). 
  • Funders often require researchers to make their work publicly accessible—learn about compliance with access mandates.
  • We assist all members of the Stanford community in identifying and evaluating open-access publishing options but cannot provide funds to assist with payment of article processing charges.


Stanford University’s open access policy

The Faculty Senate of Stanford University’s Academic Council passed an open access policy in December 2020. The open access policy ensures that the university and its faculty authors retain the ability to make Stanford’s peer-reviewed scholarly articles openly available without the difficulty or uncertainty of negotiating individual publishing agreements. 


Contact the Office of Scholarly Communications regarding open access and Stanford University’s open access policy.