Donald Kohrs

Donald Kohrs
Library Spclst 3, Hopkins Marine Library
I am the Branch Library Specialist at the Harold A. Miller Library of Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove. I have degrees in biology and library science and my current efforts entail researching the history of the Pacific Grove’s Chautauqua Program (1880-1926), the history of the Hopkins Seaside Laboratory (1892-1917) and the early years of the Hopkins Marine Station (1918-1950), Edward F. Ricketts and Jack Calvin: The Publishing of Between Pacific Tides (1939), and The Hamilton Family: John Steinbeck Maternal Ancestors.


B.S. Biological Sciences, University of South Florida, Biology (2000)
M.S. Biological Sciences, University of South Florida, Marine Macrophytes (2002)
Masters Library Science, San Jose State University, Academic Libraries and Archives (2008)


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