Instruction support

Stanford Libraries offer comprehensive services to support instructors and teaching assistants: 

Course reserves

Course reserve materials are library items such as books, DVDs, streaming videos, or online articles held aside for a class. Everyone shares these items in the class, and each student has a brief time to use the materials. 

Instructors and teaching assistants at Stanford University have the option to reserve items for a specific course. Learn more about course reserves.

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Library engagements for your class

Whether you opt for a librarian to join your classroom or decide on a library visit, our team will collaborate with you to ensure that your students derive maximum benefit from their library experience.

To craft a customized library experience for your classroom, begin by finding and contacting a subject specialist who is an expert in your specific subject area. You can easily locate them by exploring the Libraries' subject areas or referring to our comprehensive list of subject specialists

Additionally, consider the option of bringing your class to the library to explore our unique and distinctive holdings, including Special Collections, the University Archives, the Archive of Recorded Sound, or the David Rumsey Map Center

Subject specialists are dedicated to curating information resources that align with various departments' teaching and learning objectives. Beyond building collections, our specialists extend their support by engaging with students and offering personal consultations, aiming to empower students and faculty to navigate the abundant information landscape within their respective fields of study.

Special Collections

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Archive of Recorded Sound

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David Rumsey Map Center

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Stanford Libraries organize a variety of workshops covering diverse topics, including programming languages such as R and Python, data visualization and GIS, manuscript studies, and copyright law as it applies to generative AI. Whether you are a novice or an expert, we provide workshops that cater to your needs and help you acquire new skills.

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Canvas integration

Students are familiar with Canvas, and there are a few simple ways to bring the library into Canvas:

  • Add a subject specialist directly to a Canvas course site, where they can provide the information resources your students need. 
  • Embed a library guide, an instructional web page created by a librarian expert in a specific subject. A library guide provides instructions for locating information resources on a topic or for a course. Stanford Libraries has hundreds of library guides, and our subject specialists are happy to work with you to create a new custom guide. 
  • Add course reserves, which happens automatically when the library fulfills a course reserves request. 

Questions about instruction support? 

For questions about how the library can support your Stanford class, contact the Learning and Outreach Department