RefWorks is a web-based bibliography and reference manager that allows you to create a personal, searchable database of citations. These citations can be formatted into your documents as in-text citations, footnotes, or a bibliography.

Stanford Libraries maintains a site license to RefWorks. There are two versions of RefWorks: "new" RefWorks and "legacy" RefWorks. If you are new to RefWorks, then you may want to start with the New RefWorks. Use your email to create your New RefWorks account. For more information, see the New RefWorks LibGuide or view the New RefWorks Tutorials.

You may also create an account on the Legacy RefWorks platform. To get started with Legacy RefWorks, use your email to sign up for a new account. For more information see the RefWorks LibGuide or view a RefWorks video tutorial.

Accounts may be created on both platforms. The platforms are independent of each other. In New RefWorks, you have the option to import references from a legacy RefWorks account, both during the new account set-up as well as at anytime from within the New RefWorks account. Importing references into the New RefWorks platform will not affect your Legacy RefWorks account. You may continue to work in your Legacy RefWorks account and use the import feature to regularly move changes from your Legacy account into your New RefWorks account.

Updates about both Legacy RefWorks and New RefWorks are available on the RefWorks community forum. To check on RefWorks system status and scheduled downtimes, go to the ExLibris System Status site and select the product "Legacy RefWorks" or "New RefWorks". Help is also available directly from RefWorks via email or phone toll free: 800-521-0600, ext. 7440 or direct 734-997-4440