RIALTO (research intelligence)

Our RIALTO (research intelligence) service assists schools, departments, shared facilities, and other campus stakeholders in gathering and analyzing information regarding publications and other research outputs. Collecting and compiling data related to research is challenging, requiring access to multiple data sources, application programming interfaces (APIs), analysis skills, and specialized knowledge of research policies and data practices.  

Research intelligence services can efficiently navigate this terrain, preventing underreporting of outputs and the need to train departmental staff in these techniques. We support the Stanford community by creating reports that provide insight into publication patterns, research impact, collaboration networks, and other features of research outputs.

Email us for help with your research reporting needs.

Who is eligible 

Any Stanford University stakeholder; priority will be given to schools, departments, shared facilities, and university-wide reporting needs. 

What to expect

After reviewing your request, we'll be in touch about next steps. We often start with a short meeting to learn more about your research reporting needs. A follow-up meeting may be useful in the case of recurring reports; this allows us to highlight areas for improving reporting over time.


To learn more about RIALTO and how we can help with your research reporting needs, email our team.

Last updated July 3, 2023