Connecting to e-resources

Connect from off campus FAQ

What is EZproxy?

EZproxy is a web proxy server that allows you to identify yourself as a Stanford user and get off-campus access to electronic resources licensed by the Libraries. It works by adding a special EZproxy prefix to the beginning of the URL. For example, in order to have full-text access to Nature, your browser must use this web address:

If you start from SearchWorks, Stanford Libraries' website, or if you have already installed Lean Library extension, the EZproxy prefix will be added automatically when needed.

When do I need to use EZproxy?

You must use EZproxy from areas outside the Stanford network, including:

  • on campus, but using Stanford Visitor wi-fi or eduroam wi-fi
  • off-campus using your home internet connection
  • off-campus using a VPN client
  • using a cellular connection

My browser does not support Lean Library extension. Are there other EZproxy tools I can use?

Lean Library extension is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera only and it currently does not support mobile devices. If you are using an unsupported browser or a mobile device, you can use EZproxy bookmarklet instead.

To install EZproxy bookmarklet on your desktop browser:

    1. Make sure the bookmarks toolbar is enabled.
    2. Drag the link below onto your browser's bookmarks toolbar:

               Stanford Libraries Proxy

  • Navigate to a webpage or a database that you are trying to access (e.g.,
  • Click on the “Stanford Libraries Proxy” bookmark in your browser's toolbar, which will reload the page via EZproxy.

To install EZproxy bookmarklet on your mobile browser:

  1. Create a bookmark for this page (or any webpage).
  2. Change the name of the bookmark to “Stanford Libraries Proxy.”
  3. Change the bookmark’s URL to:

    NOTE: If you have disabled javascript, you will need to enable it.

  4. Navigate to a webpage or a database that you are trying to access (e.g.,
  5. Select the “Stanford Libraries Proxy” bookmark from your browser's bookmarks to reload the desired page via EZproxy.

            NOTE: If tapping the bookmark's name does not reload the page (e.g., if you are using Chrome browser on an Android device), tap on the location bar (URL) of the e-resource and begin typing the name of the bookmark (“Stanford Libraries Proxy”) to search for it. When the saved bookmark appears, tap on the bookmark’s name to run the EZproxy script on the desired webpage.

 What is the difference between Lean Library Access extension and EZproxy bookmarklet?

Lean Library Access extension connects you to library resources via EZproxy automatically, whereas with the EZProxy bookmarklet, you can choose when to use the library’s proxy server and for what resources.