Connect to e-resources

Connect from off-campus FAQ

When you’re not using the Stanford network to connect to the Internet (e.g., you’re off-campus or using a different network for other reasons or using a VPN), you must access our electronic resources through a proxy server in order to identify your Stanford affiliation.

What is EZproxy?

EZproxy is a service that identifies you as a Stanford user to electronic resource providers when you are outside the Stanford network.

When do I need to use EZproxy?

You must use EZproxy from areas outside the Stanford network, including:

  • on-campus, but using Stanford Visitor wi-fi or Eduroam wi-fi
  • off-campus using your home internet connection
  • off-campus using a VPN client
  • using a cellular connection

How do I use EZproxy?

Link directly from SearchWorks or other Libraries web pages

The surest option (especially for phone or tablet browsers) is to link to electronic resources directly from SearchWorks or other Stanford Libraries web pages. These links automatically go through the proxy server.

Lean Library browser extension

For links that are not on Stanford Libraires website, an easy option (for desktop and laptop web browsers only) is the Lean Library browser extension. Lean Library does not support phone or tablet web browsers at this time, but you can link through SearchWorks or try a bookmarklet (see below) instead on those devices or other unsupported web browsers.

To install the Lean Library extension for desktop or laptop web browsers

  1. Visit the Lean Library website to download the extension and follow the prompts to add it to your browser.
  2. Select Stanford University from the list of institutions.
  3. Click Save to save your settings.
  4. Your web browser will now automatically detect Stanford Libraries licensed resources and prompt you to authenticate, if needed.

Be sure to uninstall the Lean Library extension after you graduate or terminate your Stanford affiliation.

Manually append the EZproxy prefix

You can manually change the web address (URL) of an electronic resource web page to route it through the proxy server. Prepend the the following proxy server prefix to the electronic resource web address:

 EZproxy bookmarklet

If your web browser isn’t supported by Lean Library or you’re using a phone or tablet, you can create an EZproxy bookmarklet instead. Using a bookmarklet will route a web page through the proxy server.

Create a desktop or laptop web browser bookmarklet

  1. Make sure the bookmarks toolbar is enabled.
  2. Drag the link below onto your browser's bookmarks toolbar:
    Stanford Libraries Proxy
  3. Navigate to a licensed electronic resource (e.g., JSTOR).
  4. Click on the “Stanford Libraries Proxy” bookmark in your browser's toolbar, which will reload the page via EZproxy.

Create a phone or tablet web browser bookmarklet

  1. Create a bookmark for this page (or any webpage).
  2. Change the name of the bookmark to “Stanford Libraries Proxy.”
  3. Change the bookmark’s URL to:
    NOTE: If you have disabled javascript, you will need to enable it.
  4. Navigate to a licensed electronic resource (e.g.,
  5. Select the “Stanford Libraries Proxy” bookmark from your browser's bookmarks to reload the desired page via EZproxy. If the page doesn’t automatically reload, try typing the name of the bookmarklet  (“Stanford Libraries Proxy”) in the location bar (URL).

What is the difference between the Lean Library extension and an EZproxy bookmarklet?

The Lean Library extension detects Stanford Libraries resources when you are using your web browser and connects you via EZproxy automatically, whereas with the EZProxy bookmarklet, you decide when you’d like to route a web page through EZproxy.