Citation management

Need help with your citations?

Citation management tools make organizing and keeping track of your research sources quick and easy, and they automatically generate bibliographies in the citation style you need.

 Choose a citation management tool

A citation management tool will help you organize your research references and will work with word processing programs to format in-text citations and create bibliographies. To choose the one that’s best for you, try out one or more to see if it works easily with the databases and web pages that you use most often, with the word processing software that you prefer, and with the hardware or device with which you do most of your work. 

Citation management tools

Stanford Libraries supports these citation management tools for Stanford students, faculty, researchers, and affiliates:

Questions about citation management?

Take a look at University of California San Diego's helpful comparison chart to get started. 

For additional help, or to schedule a workshop for your cohort, contact our bibliographic management staff