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Education is a vast topic encompassing everything from the philosophy and history of education to neuroeducation and education data science, from early childhood education to higher education, and all areas of the world. Questions of social justice, equity, inclusion, policy, technology, and much more are of interest to education researchers, and we collect works on all of these topics primarily in English. To help researchers, I've created a wide variety of topic guides, but feel free to contact me for help with research, finding information, or using tools such as Zotero. I meet with classes, groups, and individuals in person or on Zoom. Other collections in the Education Library include the curriculum collection (PreK-12 textbooks, children's books, young adult novels, and science kits), historical textbooks and curriculum materials, and historical college catalogs (both U.S. and international).

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  • Richard L. Venezky collection : early American education ephemera, ca. 1880-1927

    The Venezky Collection contains primers and readers published in the US between the end of the eighteenth century through the early decades of the twentieth century. Many titles are present in nearly every edition issued. In addition, there are early pamphlets, chapbooks, primers, almanacs, dictionaries, children's stories, plus works on penmanship, spelling, and phonetics. Richard L. Venezky was a leading expert in the history of literacy and reading.

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  • EdSource records, 1973-2012

    Founded in 1977, EdSource is an organization responsible for gathering and sharing information concerning educational policies and reforms, both in California and nationally. The EdSource collection houses documents relating to the research, data, and activities necessary to create these resources. The collection is primarily comprised of research material and the information assembled by EdSource for publication. This includes reports, case studies, statistics, data, budgets, legislation, surveys, drafts, meeting reports, correspondence, articles, and notes. We are also archiving their website.

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  • Historical U.S. College Catalogs

    This archive contains some two thousand linear feet of U.S. college catalogs from the late nineteenth century to the 1970s, including HBCUs, women's colleges, big name institutions, but also more obscure schools. It includes colleges from all states, Puerto Rico, and Guam. In addition to catalogs, there are other materials connected with the schools such as reports by presidents, treasurers, and regents, speeches, school publications, etc.

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