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For the Jewish studies collection, our curator selects and collects material by or about Jews, in any format (from manuscript fragments to Israeli Yiddish theater posters and spiral-bound community cookbooks), in any language, produced anywhere. The curator also collects material written or performed in Jewish languages (Hebrew, Yiddish, Judeo-Arabic, Ladino, etc.) about any topic. He works with faculty and students to help them find the materials they need for their research and teaching. Stanford has especially strong collections in Israel Studies, particularly the pre-State period and on the development of urban culture in Israel.

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Featured collections

  • Salo Baron Papers

    The Baron Papers comprise the personal, professional, and research material of Salo Baron. Baron was instrumental in establishing Jewish Studies as an academic discipline in the United States, and he played an exceptional role in American Jewish organizational life, including Jewish Cultural Reconstruction, an organization dedicated to identifying and reclaiming Jewish cultural patrimony plundered by the Nazis.

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  • Amos Gitai Film Archive

    The Amos Gitai film archive documents the work of Israeli director Amos Gitai and contains materials related to numerous films by the director. The archive also includes digital video, audio, still images, and text documents that give a glimpse into the filmmaking process.

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  • Eliasaf Robinson Tel Aviv Collection

    Assembled over a span of forty years by Eliasaf Robinson, a Tel Aviv native and Israel's most prominent antiquarian bookseller, this collection comprises a rich trove of books, pamphlets, magazines, printed ephemera, posters, postcards, photographs, maps, architectural plans, and original documents about the early history of Tel Aviv, "the First Hebrew City."

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