Stace Maples

Assistant Director of Geospatial Collections & Services, Geospatial Information Services
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As the Assistant Director of Geospatial Collections & Services at Stanford Libraries, and the Head of The Stanford Geospatial Center, I provide support and collaboration to the Stanford research community in capturing and making sense of the “where” of their work through the acquisition and creation of spatial data, technologies and related services. An archaeologist by training and a technologist by temperament, I am interested in all aspects of mapping, from the aerial imaging of archaeological sites using kites, balloons and drones, to the development of platforms for the distribution of geographic information, to the intersection of AI and Earth observation imagery. I have over 25 years of experience using Geographic Information Systems, Geotechnology and Location-based Services for research and teaching, with expertise in a broad range of geospatial and supporting data, software and hardware systems.


B.Sc., Southern Methodist University, Anthropology / Archaeology (1997)
M.Sc., University of Texas, at Dallas, Geographic Information Sciences & Remote Sensing (2005)