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Stanford Libraries offers the ability to assign a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to an information resource hosted online at Stanford. We provide this service through our membership in DataCite. Because DOIs essentially function as redirects to the actual location of content on the web, the stability of a DOI is highly dependent on the stability of that actual location. This is why we strongly urge Stanford affiliates who are interested in getting a DOI for their scholarly works to deposit those works in the Stanford Digital Repository. We assign persistent URLs (PURLs) to all SDR deposits, and users are able to choose to receive a DOI automatically with a deposit as well.

The need for DOIs is increasingly common for today's scholars who are actively publishing. A number of journal publishers require their authors to provide a registered DOI for any content linked to their articles. Digital repositories, like the Stanford Digital Repository, integrate DOI services to facilitate the discovery, sharing, and interoperability of the scholarly resources they host and steward. By using this service, you are demonstrating the high value of a community-based solution to ensure the integrity and proper management of Stanford’s research output for sharing with the larger scholarly community.


  • You can obtain a DOI without bearing the financial costs of becoming a DataCite member yourself. The cost of obtaining a DOI from Stanford Libraries is free or significantly lower than it would be with your own membership (see rate info below).
  • DOIs issued through Stanford Libraries are indexed by DataCite and easily discoverable across the web. 
  • If you have an ORCID iD, you can easily authorize DataCite to send content issued DataCite DOIs automatically to your ORCID record. 
  • Stanford Libraries will represent the needs of our local community as a voting member of DataCite.

Service levels

Four service levels are available to cover a range of needs:

  • Self-service option: use our self-deposit application at to deposit your content in the SDR and receive a DOI at the same time!
  • One-off singleton: a single DOI for a single online resource that is either not in the SDR or was previously deposited in the SDR without a DOI
  • One-off bulk: multiple DOIs for a set of online resources; useful for existing sets of works, like technical reports, or datasets previously published by a research lab for a project running for multiple years
  • Subscription service: sign up for an account under our membership to mint your own DOIs. The terms of the subscription service are outlined in this document. Subscription benefits include:
    • 2,500 DOIs per year (additional DOIs incur costs over the base annual fee)
    • Dedicated, password-protected account
    • Modern web interface to create and manage users, register a DOI on demand, and access reports and statistics
    • Listing in the DataCite directory
    • Access to the application programming interface (API) for system integration
    • DataCite's technical support and extensive documentation

Available to

Current faculty, staff, and students


Any Stanford-hosted content is eligible to receive a DOI. Depositing content in the Stanford Digital Repository is not a requirement. 

Data security

Most content issued DOIs by Stanford Libraries is deposited in the SDR. The SDR allows deposit of low risk and medium risk data as defined by the Information Security Office. Note that deposits to the SDR are subject to the Terms of Deposit.


  • Self-service option: no charge
  • One-off singleton: no charge
  • One-off bulk: negotiated rate to be determined by project 
  • Subscription service: $1500 per year (base rate) 

Get started

  • Contact the DOI services team to request a DOI.
  • Be sure to:
    • include your SDR PURL if you already have one
    • send us ORCID iDs for the author(s)
    • let us know if you are working on a deadline.
  • We typically respond within 24 hours.

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