Avoid paywalls

Range of books in the East Wing stacks area at Green Library.

An easy solution with Lean Library

We subscribe to thousands of journals and article databases. As a Stanford student, faculty member, or staff member, you can seamlessly access these sources wherever you are.

The Lean Library browser extension makes it easy to directly access all the electronic resources we pay for—anytime and anywhere you browse the web.

Download the Lean Library extension

More ways to avoid paywalls

When you are off campus, you will come across paywalls for articles, books, and other e-content that we have already paid for you to access. This is because the publisher is unaware of your Stanford affiliation. The good news? In addition to Lean Library, we offer a number of other solutions to make publishers aware of your affiliation. 

Screenshot of SearchWorks, the library catalog

Use the library catalog

When we link you out to a publisher's website for content, we prompt you to log in with your SUNet ID and password. This lets the publisher know you are affiliated with Stanford and grants you access. 

Use Searchworks (library catalog)

Screenshot of Google Scholar

For Google Scholar users

If you use Google Scholar to find information sources, use the Library Links setting to identify content we subscribe to. Now, when you search Google Scholar, “Find it@Stanford” links will appear next to items we have in our collection.

Use Google Scholar

Want more control? Use EZproxy bookmarklet

The Lean Library extension detects content we subscribe to when you are browsing the web and connects you via a tool called EZproxy automatically. If you’d like to have more control over when to route a page through EZproxy or if your web browser isn’t supported by Lean Library, you can create an EZproxy bookmarklet instead. With the EZProxy bookmarklet, you decide exactly when you’d like to route a web page through EZproxy.

Create a bookmarklet: desktop or laptop

  • Make sure the bookmarks toolbar is enabled.
  • Drag this link, Stanford Libraries Proxy, onto your browser's bookmarks toolbar.
  • When you are on a publisher’s site, click the “Stanford Libraries Proxy”, which will reload the page via EZproxy.

Having trouble connecting to a library e-resource?