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Access and privileges

Access policies described here apply to the Stanford University Libraries. Coordinate libraries (e.g., Business, Law, Hoover, Medical) and department libraries (Classics, Philosophy) may have separate access requirements and borrowing policies; consult them directly for information about using their facilities and resources.

Library cooperative programs

Ivies Plus BorrowDirect and BorrowDirect Plus

  • BorrowDirect is a resource sharing partnership of 13 Ivies Plus academic institutions. In the fall of 2016, the Stanford community will be able to search across the partner libraries' collections, and place requests within that environment. Until then, the Stanford community can continue to request materials from these and other libraries through SUL's Interlibrary and Information Delivery Services.
  • BorrowDirect Plus is the on-site reciprocal access and borrowing program for BorrowDirect patrons. Although the BorrowDirect resource sharing program is under development, the on-site access and borrowing program is already live. Stanford faculty, students and staff are issued access and borrowing cards when visiting participating schools. Each school has their own restrictions and requirements for eligibility. Stanford reciprocates this service for BorrowDirect patrons visiting Stanford's campus.
    • For Stanford faculty, students and staff visiting the Ivies Plus institutions:
      • Eligibility, registration requirements, and circulation rules vary by each participating insitution. View participating schools and link to policies. To prove you have an active eligible affiliation with Stanford when you visit a participating school you may be required to log-in to your MyAccount, present your University ID Card and/or show a valid government issued ID Card.
    • For Ivies Plus visitors to Stanford:
      • Eligibility: Students, Faculty and Staff at participating BorrowDirect institutions. Apply for a SUL Card at the Privileges Desk at Green Library. You must present a current government-issued ID, a valid Ivies+ institution ID (your home univ ID card), and demonstrate active Borrow Direct account with your home institution to be issued borrowing privileges. SUL Cards cost $10 and expire annually; replacement cards are $25 and re-activation of expired cards is free.
      • On-site access/borrowing limitations: the SUL Card will not be accepted at: Crown Law Library, Lane Medical Library, Lathrop Library, Graduate School of Business Library, Hopkins Marine Station's Miller Library, nor the Classics Library. 
      • Loan periods vary according to library and material type. Generally, books circulate from Green Library for 28 days. A 25 item limit applies.  Materials set aside for course reserves, equipment, and some media items will only circulate to Stanford patrons. Other lending restrictions may apply depending on location.  Items may be recalled from you, which results in a shorter loan period.
      • Ivies Plus BorrowDirect Plus patrons are personally responsible for all fines and fees.

Research Library Cooperative Program (RLCP)

  • RLCP is an agreement between SUL and UC Berkeley.  See RLCP description and eligibility 
  • UC Berkeley visitors to Stanford must show a government-issued ID card and a UC ID card for entry to some libraries, and to borrow materials. Eligible users have records in the Stanford database.
  • Eligible Stanford visitors to UC Berkeley must present their Stanford ID Card for access and borrowing.

Reciprocal Services Program (RSP) 

  • RSP involves reciprocal borrowing privileges between Stanford and the University of California campuses. For more information, see RSP description and instructions to obtain a RSP Card).
  • RSP visitors to Stanford, who are not covered by the RLCP program (above), must present government-issued ID, a valid UC ID Card, and a RSP Card for entry to some libraries and to borrow materials.
  • Stanford visitors to cooperative member sites must obtain a RSP Card from Green Library prior to their visit at the member site.