Reserving space at EAL

Reserving rooms at the East Asia Library

The East Asia Library has six meeting rooms of various sizes for event use: three larger seminar/meeting rooms (212, 224, 338) available for lectures, seminars, and other large events, and three smaller group study rooms (324, 327, 329) available to groups of two or more users who would like to use them for study space. Use of space at the East Asia Library is limited to Stanford-affiliated academic events such as lectures, conferences and seminar meetings that are free and open to the public. Access to all rooms at the East Asia Library is subject to Stanford Libraries' general access policies.

Stanford faculty please note: Room 224 is no longer available for instructors to use for recurring class meetings.  Rooms 212 and 338 may still be reserved as classrooms.

Events are permitted only during the East Asia Library's regular hours of operation. Library hours vary during intersessions, so please check the library's hours before making a reservation. Please schedule your events to end at least half an hour before the library closes to allow time for cleaning. 


  • During the summer sessions, EAL meeting rooms are generally closed to groups and persons not associated with the East Asian studies programs at Stanford or the Stanford Libraries system.
  • The East Asia Library is designed to provide a quiet atmosphere in which all Stanford affiliates carry out research and writing. All groups using EAL meeting rooms should make every effort to maintain this atmosphere. No loud activities are permitted at any time.
  • Any group using EAL meeting rooms is required to ensure that their personnel will set up, staff, and break down the event. All tables, chairs and equipment should be returned to their original position. EAL staff is not available to answer questions for event participants.
  • Limited food and drink served in conjunction with your event is permitted only in room 224. Due to concerns that the smell of hot food can be disruptive to the staff whose offices sit adjacent to room 224, we ask that you serve cold food only in room 224. If you require hot food, please contact EAL first. You must provide your PTA and request cleaning service from Custodial Services for any events that serve food. Please see below for more detailed information on food/drink policies for room 224.
  • EAL will provide only basic technical support for your event. You can request full technical support and any additional equipment required from Events and Labor Services.
  • Key pick-up and return: Only one key will be given out per event for events held in lecture rooms (rooms 224, 212, 338). The key may be picked up at the circulation desk and must be returned after you open the door. Please ask the circulation staff to lock the door after your event. 


All departments and student groups of Stanford University are eligible to use the facility according to the following priorities:

  • Center for East Asian Studies and related units on campus
  • Events enhancing or promoting the study of East Asia
  • Academic accommodations for individuals registered with the Office of Accessible Education
  • Units and staff in the University Libraries system.

Seminar/meeting room space may not be used for:

  • Administrative functions
  • Social events
  • Student Services
  • Office hours
  • Receptions not in conjunction with conferences or lectures
  • Dinners whether or not in conjunction with conferences or lectures
  • Any event that is not free and open to the Stanford community


Reserve a seminar/meeting room (please submit reservation request at least three working days prior to your event)

Reserve a group study room

Requests can be made up to six months prior to event date. We will respond to your requests within two working days.

Group study rooms (324, 327, and 329) may only be reserved for a maximum of four hours at a time.


Please submit notice of cancellation as early as possible to Xiaowen Wang.

Available Spaces

Seminar rooms (reserve here):

Room 224

  • Capacity: 49
  • Lectern: 1
  • Writable wall
  • AV equipment: Projection screen including speaker system, 1 microphone attached to lectern, 1 handheld microphone, and VGA/HDMI laptop connection. A work order to Event Services Group can be placed requesting any other equipment needed.
  • Teleconferencing: The room is equipped throughout with ceiling-mounted microphones, as well as multiple controllable cameras offering both audience and speaker views.
  • Limited food and drink served in conjunction with your event is permitted in this room. Please mark your food preferences clearly on the event request form and consult EAL first if you will serve hot food. Please provide your own food, dishes and catering. No kitchen facilities are available. You will need to provide your PTA on the request form, and will be billed for any damage to the carpet and furnishings.
  • If food is served for your event, please contact Custodial Services to schedule cleaning service right after the event, and give them your PTA.  Work requests for custodial service may be submitted from the LBRE website.

Room 212

  • Capacity: 28
  • Mobile white board
  • AV equipment: 72” monitor and VGA/HDMI laptop connection. A work order to Event Services Group can be placed requesting any other equipment needed.

Room 338

  • Capacity: 31
  • Writable wall
  • AV equipment: Projection screen and VGA/HDMI laptop connection. A work order to Event Services Group can be placed requesting any other equipment needed.

Group study rooms (reserve here):

Room 324

  • Capacity: 6
  • Writable wall

Room 327 

  • Capacity: 10
  • Writable wall

Room 329 

  • Capacity: 4
  • Writable wall

Rooms 324, 327, and 329 are group study rooms. When not booked for events or meetings, groups of two or more users can use these rooms on a first-come, first-served basis. Please respect room schedules and plan your use accordingly.

EAL also has individual study rooms that can be reserved quarterly by visiting scholars and postdoctoral fellows. If interested, please e-mail Xiaowen Wang to reserve. These study rooms must be renewed on a yearly basis. Please note that these rooms are in high demand and we are sorry if we cannot fill all the requests.