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About the French and Francophone Studies collection

Green Library’s collections in French and Francophone studies provide print, digital, and media resources in French, English, and other languages, with a central focus on the language, literature, history, and politics of France and its former colonial empire. The library also holds materials documenting the cultures and societies of French-speaking Belgium, Switzerland, Québec, the Caribbean, and North Africa. The Libraries’ Special Collections contain unique and rare French books, periodicals, ephemera, and manuscripts on topics such as Enlightenment thought, the French Revolution, the Paris Commune, French political and economic ideas, and the history of Paris. The collections of Medieval Studies, African Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Art, and Music also hold many items of interest to the field. 

For help with doing research and navigating the French and Francophone library resources, please contact the curator, Sarah Sussman.

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Featured collections

  • Gustave Gimon Collection on French Political Economy

    The Gimon collection contains approximately one thousand titles that concentrate broadly on the evolution of French economics and politics from the late sixteenth to the mid-nineteenth century. Scholars working in fields as varied as history, literature, art history, economics, and philosophy will find rich resources for their research in the collection. 

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  • Roxane Debuisson Collection on Paris History

    Focusing on the period from the mid-eighteenth century through the Belle Epoque, Mme Roxane Debuisson (1927-2018) amassed a major collection worthy of a specialized library or museum: over three thousand books, forty thousand postcards, 3800 individual prints, significant photographic and image holdings, maps and other cartographic materials, guidebooks, and over sixty thousand billheads and other commercial ephemera. 

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