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The SDR hosts hundreds of datasets produced by researchers from all across the Stanford campus. Many of these datasets are linked to publications in peer-reviewed journals, while others are shared by scholars to meet requirements from funding agencies or to increase the reach and impact of their scholarly research. Researchers can deposit data and other research outputs in any file format and are encouraged to include readme files, data dictionaries, and other documentation that will allow end users to understand, replicate research results, and reuse the data.

Using the online deposit application at, researchers can upload their work directly to the Stanford Research Data collection, which hosts data from all over Stanford's campus. Faculty who intend to use the SDR at higher frequency or for larger groups can request a dedicated collection that they can manage themselves. All deposits to the SDR are preserved in the repository and published for discovery and access by other scholars.


  • Easy to use system for adding files and descriptive information for the deposit
  • Configurable settings for access levels (world or Stanford) and licenses
  • Option to obtain a DOI for a deposit
  • Option to embargo the publication (delay the release) for up to 3 years from time of deposit
  • Each deposited work is published at a persistent URL (PURL) where it can be reliably accessed in the future
  • In-app Globus connection allows transfer of content files larger than 10 GB
  • PURLs can be obtained before the deposit is completed, so that they can be provided to publishers as the future location of the work
  • Each deposited work is added to the library catalog, SearchWorks, where it can be discovered along with other works by Stanford students and faculty
  • Individual faculty collections provide a configurable workflow to allow for review of deposits by group members before they are published

Available to

Current faculty, staff, and students


Users must have a valid, active SUNet account and have been granted permission to create collections or to deposit, manage, or review works in a collection.

Data security

The SDR can host medium risk data as defined by the Information Security Office. De-identification or anonymization of some datasets may be required for deposit. If your work is governed by an IRB, you should check with them regarding what you are allowed to share and how.


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  • Contact the SDR team for access to deposit in the Stanford Research Data Collection, or, if you are a faculty member, to discuss the possibility of having a collection for your research group
  • Check out the Research from Stanford University exhibit

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