SDR (Stanford Digital Repository)

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The Stanford Digital Repository is a cornerstone of Stanford University Libraries, and our self-deposit web application makes it easy for the Stanford community to put the SDR to work for them. Easily deposit your research outputs where they will be instantly available and preserved indefinitely. Using our self-deposit web application is free.

Make an SDR deposit

Who can deposit to the SDR

Current faculty, students, and staff.

What to expect

  • Visit our web application
  • If it's your first time using the SDR, use the help link at the top of the page to request access.
  • Create a new deposit and upload files.
  • Finish your deposit and view your published work.

Favorite SDR features

  • Get a link for your manuscript right away with the “Reserve a PURL” option.
  • Maintain your directory structure by choosing the zip file upload option.
  • Upload more than 10GB of data with the Globus file upload option.
  • Delay when your content can be downloaded by selecting an embargo.


Read more about the features of the SDR.

Questions about specific types of deposits? 

More information is available for these types of deposits: 

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Envisioning a bigger project?

The SDR can also take in larger sets of content: technical reports, white papers, event recordings, podcasts, conference proceedings, and more. Visit the SDR website for more information on how to get started.


If you have any questions about the SDR, please contact us.